CyberTalks Community

Meet the members of CyberTalks Community

Karla Reffold

MD and Founder BeecherMadden

Naveen Vasudeva

Managing Director, Cybercorre

Jane Frankland

CISO Advisor, Author & Keynote Speaker

James Felton Keith

Engineer and Author

David Higgins

Programme Director

Ivana Bartoletti

Head of Privacy and Data Protection

Oz Alashe MBE

CEO & Founder CybSafe

Tash Whitaker

Global Data Privacy Director

Rowenna Fielding

Data Protection Lead

Michael Everall

Head of Security Operations

Hayley Jaffrey

Global Privacy Leader

JC Gaillard

MD and Founder, Corix Partners


Young Coding Ambassador

Love Hudson-Maggio

President/Co-Founder, MarDat

Mark Osborne


Sheila FitzPatrick

Worldwide Expert in Data Privacy Laws

Erica Stanford

Founder of Crypto Curry Club

Marco Essomba

Cyber Security Expert

Vladlena Benson

Director Cybersec

Francesco Cipollone

CISO and Cybersecurity Cloud expert

Nick Ioannou

Head of IT at RG Partnership

Tara Taubman-Bassirian

GDPR, Data Protection and IP consultant

Daryl Flack

CIO and Co-founder, Blockphish

Olu Odeniyi

Cyber & Digital Transformation Consultant

Yasmin Martin

Head of Security Risk & Compliance

Sam Stepanyan

Appsec / Cybersecurity Consultant

Deepak Jagpal

Data Protection Officer

Mike Loginov


Rohit Talwar

Futurist Speaker

Zsuzsanna Berenyi

Head of Security Skills and Culture

Steve Wright

GDPR Advisor Bank of England

Michael Macpherson

Lead Security Engineer

Mohsin Choudhury

U.K. Head of Information Security

Ralph O'Brien

Global Privacy & Security Advisor

Asli Yildiz

Head of Legal DMA Group

Cal Leeming

Founder River Oakfield

Emma Martins

Data Protection Commissioner

Ian West

Parliamentary Advisor on AI

Haydn Brooks

Founder, RLCNS

Dai Davis

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Sachin Khungar

Senior PreSales Architect

Lisa Ruff

Data Protection Officer

Eh'den Biber

Information Security Professional

Rafael Narezzi


Kirsten Connell

Managing Director, CyLon

Mike Gillespie

MD And Co-founder Advent IM Ltd

Bharat Thakrar

CTO, CISO and Cyber Advocate

Abhishek Pardeshi

Cyber Risk Oversight Consultant

Darren Swift

System Engineer, Rubrik

Tuval Chesler

Cyber Security Strategy Consultant

Jo Blazey

Global Data Governance Officer

Jason Tucker-Feltham

Founder & CEO London Crypto Services

Stuart Leach

Group CISO at Wonga

Max Schrems

Lawyer & activist

Tamara Ballard

Data Protection Lawyer, Channel 4

Geoff Bird

Information Security Officer

Richard Merrygold

Data Protection Officer

Aoife Sexton

Chief Privacy Officer

Rehan Haque

Subject Matter Expert

Flavius Plesu

CEO & Co-Founder OutThink

Abigail Dubiniecki

Lawyer and privacy professional

Nic Miller

Virtual CISO

Alex Pezold

Co-Founder TokenEx

Helen Zec

Founder & CEO

Barry Cook

Privacy & Group Data Protection Officer

Barry J Coatesworth

CISO & Cybersecurity Advisor

Leron Zinatullin

Head of Information Security

Arnold Mabere

CISO Advisor, Speaker & Consultant

Paul Breitbarth

GDPR expert

Bruno Napoli

Business Development Manager

Todd Wade


Paul Guckian

Information Security Consultant & leader

Nick Turner

Vice President Sales EMEA

Nigel Tozer

Solutions Marketing Director