Reclaim your Power!

Reclaim your power! Jane Frankland, CISO Advisor, Author, Keynote Speaker & Champion for Women in Cybersecurity, talks to Karla Reffold about her mission to help women raise their voice and visibility in the cyber industry. Jane talks about the amazing female role models in the industry, building your personal brand and her Amazon bestselling book - IN SECURITY.

The Value of Data

Your Staff - The Greatest Asset Against Cyber Attacks

Analysis shows that human actions are overwhelmingly at the heart of many data breaches, and cyber attackers are actively seeking to exploit this to compromise target systems. Daryl Flack, CIO & Co-founder, Blockphish, explains why, if you have a cyber security aware workforce, you can be more confident in your ability to be resilient to cyber-attacks.

An attack on critical mass infrastructure is inevitable