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Francesco Cipollone, Head of Security Architecture HSBC

Is The Cloud Secure? It’s easy if you do it right


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Is The cloud Secure? It’s easy if you do it right. Francesco Cipollone – Head of Security Architecture HSBC, Director of Event CSA UK, Cybersecurity Strategist, MD NSC42 Ltd

The talk will take the audience on a journey on the cloud evolution, the recent hacks and the need to make security everyone’s responsibility.

The talk will explore major challenges in cloud transformation from an organization and security prospective with top 8 solutions to address them.

The solution will explore:

  • the shared responsibility model

  • Foundation architecture

  • Cloud pattern available

  • Design security and security by design

  • Gamification and the use of EoP in everything security

  • Shift left and bringing security at the beginning of development

  • Security testing and automation

  • DEV-SEC ops and the integration of Security and Business/Architecture

Audience Take Away:

  • When starting a cloud security journey or by being already into one what shall you do and consider.

  • Key security element to consider from day 1 to delivery

  • automation and why is so vital to automate security vulnerability

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