Sheila FitzPatrick

Sheila FitzPatrick

Sheila FitzPatrick, Worldwide Expert in Data Privacy and Sovereignty Laws, GDPR Expert, Chief Privacy Officer:

When I first started working in data privacy, everyone assumed that my job was to tell them “no”. Paying attention to privacy was seen as a barrier that stopped people from doing what they wanted to do, so when people saw me walking down the hallway they went the other way.

Thankfully, the discourse around data privacy has evolved over the last 38 years, and organizations around the world are recognizing how important and valuable it is. As technology evolves, it is even more critical and complicated than ever. I have spent my professional life learning how to navigate it in more than 160 countries.

As a global data privacy/protection and sovereignty expert, I have worked with the US Government, the Council of the European Union, and country-specific data protection agencies in Europe, Asia/Pacific, and The Americas. I have worked with National Works Councils, European Works Councils and Law Enforcement Agencies. As the liaison between management and the Works Councils, I have written over 550 model contracts and bargaining agreements in over 100 countries, and achieved Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) approvals for six multinational companies. I provide expertise in global data protection compliance in over 160 countries, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data sovereignty, cyber security regulations and obligations, legal issues associated with cloud computing and big data, data breach compliance and management, and records management. In the past 38 years I have helped over 500 multinational corporations achieve full worldwide data protection compliance approvals.

I am proud to work with multi-national companies as their Chief Privacy Officer, where I am responsible for their worldwide data privacy compliance program, including but not limited to, compliance with the new EU GDPR. I speak regularly at global conferences focused on data privacy, cyber security and cloud computing.