Ralph O’Brien

Ralph O’Brien

R T OBrien, Global Privacy & Security Advisor | FIP CIPM CIPPE CIPT- Experienced Advisor, Trainer, Auditor & Consultant:

R O’Brien is a trusted advisor with over 20 years experience in Global Privacy and Security compliance, practices and management, that adds business value by using good information governance to achieve business objectives. His role includes acting as a senior level “translator” between IT, business and compliance professionals, thought leadership, business development, partnerships and product development. His role includes strategic GDPR adoption programmes, Privacy advisory services, training and assurance in global multinational environments.

Prior to that, he has been an experienced Principal Consultant and Manager, delivering training, consultancy and audit of data protection, business continuity and information security – Management of consultancy and audit teams across multiple topics and locations, responding to tenders and delivering solutions proposals.

Ralph has a reputation for making the impossible seem simple and turning regulatory legalese into something that can be understood and implemented by all. He is direct, to the point, and most importantly, gets the job done.

He has worked in a wide variety of industry sectors including the with a focus on Defense, Public Sector, Pharma and Financial Services, representing both multinational corporations and boutique specialist consultancies.

He continues to be a hands-on practitioner, combining business level consultancy with training and technical experience. He has implemented the ISO 27002 code of practice and has repeatedly both assessed and implemented ISO/IEC 27001, BS 10012-2, ISO 9001 and BS25999-2 standards through to certification. He was responsible for the first global joint 27001/25599 management system to be certified.

With a focus upon business processes and the protection of information, and an ethos of management assurance, risk management and knowledge transfer he continues to ensure effective protection of assets appropriate to the business needs of the client.