Nigel Tozer

Nigel Tozer

Nigel Tozer, Solutions Marketing Director EMEA at Commvault:

I’m a keen technologist and have over 30 years experience working in the tech industry. I started my working life in graphic arts, pioneering the use of digital tech in the space, and moved into mainstream data and information management after ‘coming off the bench’ and working for a vendor of digital graphics systems. I’ve always had front of house roles, initially in presales and then moving into the commercial space since 2007. Channels have been the predominant area of work since leaving the graphics business, and I’ve had various roles such as evangelist, business development and a number of director titles; I’ve also spent time in sales and as a partner manager. I’ve developed partner programs at geo-level (EMEA), run partner enablement and set up an EMEA wide aggregation business for service providers.

I was an early advocate of cloud as a business-transforming technology, and currently spend much of my time on the data-related aspects of governance and privacy (I’m qualified as a GDPR practitioner). Throughout my career I’ve won recognition, including a Contribution to Industry and a number of most valued player awards. My current focus is on messaging and content for marketing, social influencer marketing (a big writer of blogs) and as a speaker at leading industry events, run by the like of Gartner and IDC.

In my personal life I enjoy cycling, good food and quality time with my family. I’m a great believer in sustainability and the environment, and have spent both personal and work time campaigning in this area; I’ve presented to support Robert Swan’s 2041 mission on several occasions, and also done independent speaking engagements.