Ivana Bartoletti

Ivana Bartoletti

Ivana Bartoletti, Head of Privacy and Data Protection, Gemserv & Co-Founder, Women Leading in AI Network

In her own words: Senior privacy professional with proven track record of designing and delivering global privacy programmes, and dealing with major privacy and technology policy issues.

My years of experience in the field span the public and private sectors, including senior roles in the NHS, Barclays and Sky.

I work across all sectors, from finance to adtech, and within the health and energy markets. I am passionate about new technology, big data, AI and blockchain and support clients with their digitalisation and innovation programmes, and the regulatory, privacy, ethical and cyber security challenges of new technologies.

An International public speaker and commentator on privacy, digital rights, data ethics, I regularly feature on the BBC, write in the Guardian, Forbes and other outlets.