Erica Stanford

Erica Stanford

Erica Stanford, Founder of Crypto Curry Club:

Thought leader in blockchain and emerging technologies that have the potential to challenge traditional beliefs, systems and markets. International speaker on crypto, blockchain, and on disruptive & future tech. Co-Founder of some very cool blockchain projects, and an active part of several others.

When I saw the potential of digital currency and distributed ledger technology (DLT), I spent 18 months studying cryptocurrencies, blockchain and up and coming techs, and reading and researching over 1000 white papers and projects. This netted me a 150x ROI at the peak.

Pre-tech, I spent eight years in sales and marketing strategy, which taught me a healthy (read, high) degree of skepticism, how to see through buzzwords, cut through the BS, and identify real value beneath the spiel. Good at seeing through business plans and knowing how to create a business/ marketing strategy that will actually work, and have now gone through projects’ white papers and set-ups, hacked them apart and reshaping them into something workable and investable.

Founder of the Crypto Curry Club – sales free networking events for industry leaders in blockchain, Technicurries – networking events on AI & Robotics and some other sales-free networking events starting very soon around renewable energy & sustainability, gaming and other emerging technologies. Email hello@cryptocurryclub.com for more info.

Co-Founder of CryptoCurrencySimplified.com, the go-to site explaining crypto and blockchain in simple English, with detailed how-to guides, understandable to everyone.

Big into mindset/ psychology/ peak potential/ meditation, biohacking and neurofeedback/ learning and experimenting my way to live life to the max.