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Mike Gillespie, Founder & Director Advent IM

On talking English not 3 letter acronyms & techspeak


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“When it comes to data its not just about locking it away and making it safe, its making data useable and manageable and trackable and having the integrity and trust in that data for the lifetime that data is required. That’s a learning that a lot of people in security struggle with.” says Mike Gillespie, Managing Director and Co-Founder ADVENT IM LTD, talking to Karla Reffold. Mike tells us that he’d dreampt of leaving school back in the 80’s for a career in IT but his parents told him to grow up and get a proper job. Mike ended up in the Medical Corps just as everything was being computerised, Mike was the only person in the unit who knew anything about computers and so he ended up being responsible for it.Mike explains that the fundamental principle of data protection is knowing what you’ve got, knowing why you’ve got it and knowing how to keep it accurate and talks about the culture change businesses need to adopt to achieve this. He explains the need to talk to the Board of Directors in English rather than 3 letter acronyms and techspeak.