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Rohit Talwar, Founder Fast Future

Identity theft and my night in a Dubai jail


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“Arriving in Dubai in 2016 I was arrested and spent the night in jail.” Rohit Talwar, CEO – Fast Future, talks to Karla Reffold, MD and Founder BeecherMadden about about his real-life experience of identity theft. He explains just why we should all care about our personal privacy – his passport was stolen on a trip to Barcelona in 2001. Rohit dealt with the matter….but arriving in Dubai in 2016 he was jailed. His passport had ended up in the hands of a Brazilian drug-dealer with Rohit’s name and then onto the Interpol wanted list. Rohit talks about small steps we could all take to prove our identity in an emergency and the plan to store important data like passport details on blockchain.Rohit talks about AI as the future for data protection and predicts that within 5 years Artificial Intelligence will be as smart as 80% of us 80% of the time. He explains that China is now social scoring its citizens and has 125 million surveillance cameras and that Russia used facial recognition technology for football fans arriving for the World Cup in 2018.Rohit advises that we all start to learn about AI and how it works so we understand its possible impact in the future. He explains how the Internet of Things is creeping into our lives, constantly capturing data and monitoring us and that we need to start managing our own data and who is storing it.