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Steve Wright, GDPR Advisor Bank of England

GDPR was a Complete Mindset Change


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“GDPR was a complete mindset change in how and why we collect data.” Steve Wright, GDPR advisor to the Bank of England, talks to Karla Reffold about GDPR and the work companies undertook to comply by 25 May 2018. He explains that pre-GDPR companies never questioned why they collected so much personal data or the cost of aquiring it, and are now starting to review those procedures and reduce the quantity of personal data they hold. As a result of GDPR people are far more aware of their rights and the Right to be Forgotten enquiries at John Lewis had increased from 200/300 a month to 1000.Steve tells us that now in late 2018 regulatory bodies are very busy with Brexit preparations but post April 2019 will start issuing fines for non-compliance. He discusses the British Airways data breach and the breach suffered by Morrison’s supermarkets employees and says there are interesting times ahead!