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Nic Miller, Virtual CISO

GDPR – a wakeup call


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“We know we need to do something….we just don’t know what” Nic Miller, Virtual CISO Aedile Consulting talks to Karla Reffold about the virtual CISO role.

Nic explains how a Virtual CISO weighs up the most cost-effective security procedures for SME’s, and how he avoids generating extra work for little benefit. We learn how simplicity helps your security, for example a small business using Office 365 automatically benefits from the ultra-secure Microsoft cloud services for email storage. By using Office 365 an SME enjoys far greater security than they could provide themselves.

Nic explains how GDPR was a wake-up call for businesses to review their security procedures, and that GDPR compliance will be a long-term ongoing project for all businesses.